What Is Acu-Point Injection Therapy

Acu-Point Injection Therapy is the injection of sterile solutions into acupuncture points. This is used along with acupuncture treatments and can help to provide faster and longer-lasting results. Dr. Dawn uses sterile, FDA-approved solutions. Dr. Dawn offers injections of saline, B-12 and Vit D3, as well as a Lipotropic formula (to assist in fat burning).

Acupuncture Enhancement:

Injection therapy can enhance acupuncture benefits to relieve pain or treat other conditions. Sterile homeopathic solutions, such as Traumeel, Spascupreel, or Zeel, or even B-12 or Saline are injected into traditional acupuncture points or trigger points, also known as Ashi points in Chinese medicine, to relieve pain, inflammation, tightness and spasm which are common in most cases of muscle or joint pain. These injections can also be useful for enhancing acupuncture treatments aimed at treating chronic fatigue, immune system, digestion, and women’s health. 

Nutritional Injections:

Because these nutrients are injected, rather than swallowed, they are immediately absorbed into the system and are usable by the body. 

B-12 Shots: We use only Methylcobalamin and Hydroxocobalamin, which are the most bio-available forms of B-12. The benefits of vitamin B-12 injections include treating or preventing symptoms such as fatigue, neurological damage, muscle weakness and mood changes. Deficiencies are common in people who have digestive imbalances or are over-stressed. It is water-soluble, so it is quickly depleted and used up in the body. Our typically dosing is 5000 mcg per injection. 

Vit D-3 Shots: If someone has bloodwork showing a severe Vitamin D deficiency, then we can provide up to 50,000 i.u. in one injection. Typically, however, if someone is simply needing an immune system boost, or assistance for bone building, Dr. Dawn will inject 10,000 i.u.

Lipotropic Shots: Dr. Dawn uses a formula that includes Methionine, Inositol and Choline, plus B-6 and B-12 to optimize the liver’s ability to burn fat for energy. Used in conjunction with a healthy eating and exercise plan, these weekly injections can help fat loss. 


Prices vary per solution used. Most are between $25 and $40 for a dose, which can include up to 4 trigger points.