A Brief History of Acupuncture

Have you been considering acupuncture in Clearwater, Florida? Curious about the history of acupuncture? When it all started? How it came to the United States? At Dawn Potter Acupuncture we are proud to offer Clearwater acupuncture and love educating our patients about it. Today, we’ll be covering a brief history of acupuncture and how it could benefit you. For additional questions about acupuncture near you or to schedule an appointment, contact our acupuncturist in Clearwater, Florida today.

Clearwater Acupuncture & Addiction

Do you or a loved one suffer from narcotic or alcohol abuse or addiction? Trying to kick your cigarette habit for good? Worried your friend or family member may be an addict? Dawn Potter Acupuncture is proud to offer acupuncture for addiction in Clearwater, Florida. Acupuncture can be a wonderful tool to use in combination with other treatment options to increase the chances of recovery and staying sober. Today, we’re discussing Clearwater acupuncture and how it can have an impact on addiction recovery. If you have any additional questions about acupuncture, addiction or our other treatment options, please contact our practice. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Qi Gong for Self-Healing

You’ve heard of yoga and its wonderful benefits, right? And meditation, of course. And many people are familiar with the slow, martial arts type movements of Tai Qi (“tie chee”). But, have you heard about Qi Gong (“chee gung”)? In fact, Tai Qi is one form of Qi Gong, of which there are many forms and lineages that have been passed down through the millenia in China.


Cultivating “Calm”

Do you know anyone who experiences stress on a consistent basis? Could it be you?

No matter what your health goals are — whether it’s pain relief, more sleep, weight loss, or hormone balance — chronic stress can work against your progress. And even though you can leave an acupuncture treatment feeling wonderfully grounded and centered, life often creeps back in and you can end up feeling tense, anxious, exhausted, and burned out.


Shifting our Inner Conversation

You know that voice in your head that is always chattering away? The one that is usually telling you something is wrong? Or will go wrong. Or that you aren’t good enough in some way? Or that your house, car, job, boss, spouse, family, or life situation are somehow bad or in the wrong, or not enough, or too much? You know what I’m talking about; we all have it.